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The digital advertising market has seen a step change in recent years from the traditional face to face advertising transaction to a data driven programmatic system. The technology powering this process allows instantaneous analysis of this data enabling buyers to accurately target their audience to achieve the highest ROI and the publisher to maximise the value of their inventory.

At Axiom we maintain a strong direct sales team to ensure that premium content will be sold in a bespoke manner which maximises revenue but we realise that this is not the most efficient way to to realise the highest yield from volume impression sales.

For that reason we have launched Axex, our very own private market place for digital publishers. Our systems connect with the world’s biggest buying points: agency trading desks, DSP’s and networks meaning that your inventory is made available to the widest possible base of customers, over 400+ demand side partners, whether that be on a UK, EMEA, international territory or global basis. Through the processes of programmatic buying, real time bidding and private market place trading we will ensure that we achieve the highest pricing and fill rates possible to generate you the maximum yield.