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Our publisher network represents the full spectrum of opportunity from niche channels offering highly targeted reach to mass volume broad appeal sites. We work with our partners to define and implement a bespoke sales policy which will maximise revenue across all their commercial inventory: display, video on demand, video streaming, sponsorship, product placement and editorial.

Our international network allows our clients to realise a return in territories where previously they could not monetise their inventory whether it be European, EMEA, North & South America or APAC.

We don’t just limit ourselves to providing the highest sales return for our partners existing model but work hard to identify new commercial opportunities and revenue streams. In conjunction with our technology partners we can deliver and exploit new carriage platforms which will drive access to new markets and audiences. We have developed solutions which offer video advertising insertions in live streaming feeds enabling an advertising solution to clients in global territories where they have volume audience delivery. We can develop a broadcast TV solution for digital publishers via our OTT partners in the UK allowing previously exclusive desktop viewing to migrate to the comfort of the living room, and making it available to a wider audience.

Whilst we always maintain the strongest market facing sales team for the bespoke sale of premium inventory we recognise that fill rates and yields are constantly under threat from the commoditised direction in which the industry is moving and the sheer volume of competing impressions available to the market. For that reason we have created our own private market place AXEX which allows us to maximise sell through and yield for high volumes of digital impressions, both display and video.

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